Commercial Certificate

Picture: Flying the Diamond DA40 on a long cross country.

Get a Commercial Certificate:

Become a professional pilot and get paid to fly. A Commercial Certificate allows you to be compensated for your flying ability.

As a Commercial Pilot you get paid to fly passengers or freight, for private, corporate or charter. Continue with your career and earn your Flight Instructor or Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

Commercial Certificate Aeronautical Experience Requirements
Total Flight Time - Minimum 250 hours
Pilot in Command (PIC) Time - Minimum 100 hours
Flight Time in an Airplane (PIC) - Minimum 50 hours.
Solo Flight Time at Night - 5 hours with 10 landings at a controlled airport.
Cross Country Solo Time - 1 flight of at least 300 nautical miles total distance.

Commercial Certificate Instruction Requirements
Instrument Training - 10 hours or completion of instrument rating.
Complex Airplane Training - 10 hours
Day Cross Country Training - 2 hours
Night Cross Country Training - 2 hours
Check Ride Preparation - 3 hours

Frequently Asked Questions - Commercial Certificate

Q. How long will it take to become a commercial pilot?
A. The total time depends upon how much you fly. It is not unreasonable to expect to finish a commercial certificate for single-engine land airplanes in under a year, if you can stay reasonably active. A total of 250 flight hours is required for a single engine commercial certificate.

Q. How do I start flying corporate/commercial jets?
A. It starts with the initial certificates and ratings (private, instrument, commercial). Then move on to multi-engine airplanes. often times pilots may recieve an instructor certificate and teach others to fly, allowing them to master their own skills and accumulate flight time, all while being compensated to fly.